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Additional Activities

dogs playing
dogs playing

Trail Walks for Dogs ($8 for each 20 minute session, up to 4 per day)

Our facility is surrounded by acres of scenic woodland and located deep in the woods making for a perfect setting to enjoy peaceful nature hikes for your pet. We offer trail walks, which are done year round, using a ten foot lead on a network of paths with a fenced perimeter. Each of our trails is shaded, covered with woodchips and maintained for your pet’s health and safety. From energetic puppies who love to romp around and play to senior citizens who take pleasure in leisurely strolls, our trail walks are sure to make any vacationing pooch happy and content.

Courtyard Play for Dogs ($8 for each 20 minute session, up to 4 per day)

We offer individual sessions which allow our staff to get to know your dog’s likes and dislikes and ensure your pet has the time of his life. Our courtyard play sessions run for 20 minutes and give your pet one-on-one time with one of our devoted dog-loving staff members! If your dog has never ending energy this is the activity they will love. We stock our courtyard with many different types of toys and provide your dog with the freedom of playing off leash. For those that are more laid back or don’t particularly care for playing with toys, the courtyard is a great place for a relaxing belly rub, a massage or just some good snuggle time with our staff.

Playtime for Cats ($8 for 20 minute session)

Even though most cats will be happy and content relaxing in their den and getting exercise in our atrium during den cleaning, we offer feline play times during the day for those that are more active, enjoy having company or are a bit spoiled.  Each playtime of personal interaction with one of our playtime coordinators is 20 minutes.  Depending on your cat's likes or dislikes, a playtime session could include anything from a pleasant chin rub, back scratch or a therapeutic brushing to a full blown mouse and string chase. Whether our staff is able to facilitate play, or just offer a warm lap accompanied by peaceful conversation, your cat is sure to take pleasure and comfort in these attention receiving activities.

Snuggle Session with Selfie for Dogs and Cats ($25)

A 20-minute snuggle or play session with a staff member. You will get to take home a photo keepsake from the event as well as a handwritten note from your fur baby's snuggle buddy. A photo will also be sent to your email.