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Candlewick Kennels

Dogs with tongues out playing

About Us

Our Facilities and Services

Candlewick Kennels has been providing exceptional pet resort services to the people of Glastonbury and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. We have stayed so successful because we know what the clients want, and we work extremely hard every day to make sure we are continuing to do so. While with us, your pet can enjoy a number of activities and services to make their stay here feel just as if they were at home.

Is your furry little friend staying with us overnight? Well we provide multiple, high-quality room options for either your dog or cat. Give them a chance to live a few days lavishly in one of our suites. For dogs that want to come by for daycare, we offer a giant area for your dog to socialize and get its energy out. On top of that, we offer grooming with professional groomers and a bunch of additional activities to make sure your pet is stimulated and engaged at all times.

Why We Use Astro Turf

Our main concern and focus with our clients is the safety of their pets, and who can blame them? We guarantee to all of our clients that safety is our main priority and everything we do comes with safety in mind. Because of that, all of our yards are fitted with Astro Turf. The main reason for having Astro Turf is because it is easily sanitized and disinfected. With so many different dogs running around every day, it is easy for bacteria and infection to spread from dog to dog. Along with helping the health of these dogs, the turf provides soft footing and an easy surface to play, especially for some of our more rambunctious play partners. Finally, the Astro Turf allows for proper drainage when the yard gets wet, and it helps combat all the elements when the weather starts to change. This eliminates the need for rocks, stones, gravel or anything else that cannot be sanitized and can be ingested by a curious pup.